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From its longer wheelbase and 18-inch wheels to its tailored top, the newest E-Class melds a rich tradition of open-air elegance with innovations in driving enjoyment. Whether an onlooker or one of its four occupants, there's more to enjoy than ever before. Four individual seats offer added room, especially in the rear cabin. From the dash vents to the flowing sculpture of wood, aluminum and and top stitched leather, exquisite details lure the eye, and welcome you to stay and enjoy the ride.
The Q2 is a compact crossover with enough space inside for up to 5 adults. There is a decent size trunk, but the most impressive part about it is the way it looks. The car boasts an entirely new design scheme which is likely going to be carried over on Audi’s higher end models in the future. This allows the Q2 to shine in a market where most of its rivals look quite dull in comparison. The car is based on VW’s highly modular MQB platform, so unlike most of their other cars, it has a transverse front engine. The car also boasts an entirely new design scheme, fuel-efficient engine, and a highly practical interior Source :

Nissan X Trail 2018

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Honda Civic Auto Sport 2018

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The cars we drive say a lot about us <3 Dreams Auto
While many people treat their cars as simply something to get them by, they actually aren’t. Driving on the open roads can be an extremely wonderful experience. Not to mention, while driving on some routes, you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, such as forests, the ocean, rivers, lakes, deserts, forests, mountains, and hills. In simple words, your car can take you on an adventure that walking sometimes cannot. As such, cars are a worthwhile investment – more than just getting you from point A to point B

Your car your life

the largest investments you will ever make
Purchasing a vehicle is perhaps one of the largest investments you will ever make, second to the purchase or building of your home. Therefore, your vehicle isn’t just a vehicle, it’s like property.
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