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Plug-in hybrid version of BMW's 5 Series is well-placed to take sales away from its higher-end diesel siblings. Strong performance and handling with favourable running costs. Start your trip with a fully charged battery and it’s on electric power that you’ll initially travel unless you’ve heavy with the throttle, in which case the petrol engine momentarily assists.
From its longer wheelbase and 18-inch wheels to its tailored top, the newest E-Class melds a rich tradition of open-air elegance with innovations in driving enjoyment. Whether an onlooker or one of its four occupants, there's more to enjoy than ever before. Four individual seats offer added room, especially in the rear cabin. From the dash vents to the flowing sculpture of wood, aluminum and and top stitched leather, exquisite details lure the eye, and welcome you to stay and enjoy the ride.

Nissan X Trail 2018

Best Price with The Best Service
Nissan X Trail 2018...Best Price with The Best Service Call now 075 944 4444
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