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Land Rover Defender 2020

The new model will represent 70 years of innovation and improvement; honouring the vehicle’s history for rugged solidity while thoroughly remaining a Defender for the 21st century.

Ever since the first Land Rover vehicle was conceived in 1947, we have built vehicles that challenge
what is possible. These, in turn, have challenged their owners to explore new territories and conquer
difficult terrains. Our vehicles epitomize our brand. Vehicles with exemplary design credentials
and engineering capabilities. Which is how we continue to break new ground, defy conventions
and encourage each other to go further. Land Rover truly enables you to make more of your world,
to go above and beyond

How do you redefine an icon? Push harder. Dig deeper.
You go above and beyond. You capture its very essence.
Then you reimagine it. You design, engineer and build it without
compromise. Until you’ve created a vehicle that’s absolutely of the
moment. One that’s visually compelling, with a go-anywhere-do-anything attitude and toughness at its very core. Capable of great
things, this is Land Rover Defender. It couldn’t be anything else.



Everything about Defender exudes quiet confidence; from its purposeful stance to its reductive,
sophisticated surfaces, its integrity is beyond reproach. Both highly desirable and seriously capable.
Tough, durable and highly functional, the Defender interior bears testimony to the vehicle’s spirit of
adventure. Structural elements are made of robust materials. Intuitive technologies – like those you’re
more likely to find on a smartphone – deliver a connected, engaged drive without taking anything
away from the vehicle’s ambiance. Added to which, everything has been designed with practicality
in mind. With a cabin walk-through*1
, an optional front jump seat and center console, the space can
be configured in any number of ways. Including yours.

Impressive proportions and a reassuringly recognizable silhouette help define the arresting
looks of the Defender. While short overhangs, great ground clearance and upright front and
rear elevations give credence to the vehicle’s capabilities. Floating bollards and alpine lights add
to its personality, with solid shoulders and powerful squared-off wheel arches that communicate
the vehicle’s purposeful stance. This is design with undoubted integrity. And unrivaled purpose.

Approachable. Confident. No nonsense. With its compact, upright look, the Defender front profile
features a raised hood, sculpted grille and detailing. Together with such characterful touches as
round headlights and some of our most sophisticated surfaces yet, these aspects help reinforce
the vehicle’s overriding sense of capability.

A celebration of design and functionality. The perfect fusion of form, vertical stance and attitude.
From behind, the vehicle looks both utterly modern and perfectly planted. While details like the
side-opening tailgate with externally mounted full-size spare wheel and characterful tail lights all
point to the distinctive nature of the Defender.

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MPG: City / Highway

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