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The Toyota C-HR Hybrid.

The new Toyota C-HR Hybrid crossover is the latest in innovation from Toyota! Combining the styles of a Coupe and 4×4 together. The exterior stays true to its concept, with modern curves and futuristic look about the Hybrid features, eye-catching and aesthetically stunning.

Although the exterior screams with future looks and curves and dimension, the interior is a different story. The simplistic dashboard is there to do its job with no fancy gimmicks, with just a small display screen separating the dials and gauge.

The centre console is dominated by an 8 inch tablet infotainment screen slightly raised in-line with the dashboard and steering wheel to allow for ease of access at eye level. The screen sits above 2 vents and the controls for the climate control system. The less is more interior is complimented by a choice of 2 tone colours and with the dark leather upholstery option. The complete finish is luxury and simplistic, completing a unique crossover between coupe and 4×4 styles.

With Toyota realizing the C-HR with the latest 1.8 Litre hybrid system, there will also be an exclusive 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine available in the UK only. All in all, a great innovative car, and economically unmatched in its’ class.



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