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How do you feel if you could tell a friend who owns a car or the driver of the vehicle you are in that the car needed to change the plugs in a week or that the air filter needed your attention even without looking at the engine or even the tyre on the front left needed air. Yes that could be a reality soon thanks to a new software developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All you need is your Smartphone with you.

Once you downloaded the app you are ready to run a diagnostic information on the vehicle that can warn the driver of upcoming issues or needed routine maintenance, before these conditions lead to breakdowns or blowouts. Your Smartphone will listen to the sound and the vibration of the vehicle to determine the condition of your vehicle before telling you what needs to be done. This process will save a lot of your time and money and also helps to take necessary measures to avoid costly breakdowns of your vehicle.

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Materials provided by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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